09 março 2007

Food for thought

It is obvious that disc-jockeys, as a class, are essentially parasitic. We are, with lamentably few exceptions, neither creative nor productive. We have, however, manipulated the creations of others (records) to provide ourselves with reputations as arbiters of public taste. There is no more reason (nor no less) why I should be writing this column than you -- however I am in this unmerited position and you're not. I believe very much in radio as a medium of tragically unrealised possibilities and also the music i play. Therefore accepting the falseness of my own precarious position I will do what I can, wherever I can, to publicise these good things I hear around me. These musicians have made you aware of, and appreciative of, their music -- not J. Peel.

John Peel, Disc and Music Echo, 1969

Até dói de tão lúcido.

Mas isto pode ser do meu ouvido, que é 1 pouco mouco.

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