14 novembro 2005

"And her hearing aid started to melt..." Vol. VI

Sonotone do dia:

The Paddingtons

The Paddingtons: "First Things First" (Outubro 2005)


Não é a primeira vez que o digo, mas há sempre mais um a descobrir. São os comentários de gente desconhecida sobre este ou aquele disco que inundam a net. Ao mesmo tempo que ouvia o objecto, tropecei numa magnífica descrição do dito na Amazon inglesa. E aqui fica ele, sem a necessidade de qualquer palavra extra. 36,1% de satisfação garantida.

"Style over Substance

Let's get things straight: The Paddingtons look amazing.
O.k., they don't look very different from many fashionistas running around East London, but then they also play instruments, and attempt to create something with them.

Herein lies the mistake, of course they know how to work the guitar better than Sid Vicious, but composing music with originality is as far away from Paddington-Land, as selling overpriced Designer Clothes is from your nearest H&M. It's not even the singers voice being unlistenable or the band being incapable of playing their instruments, but without a good song in sight, it makes this album tolerable at best.

I am sure they are nice people, but this doesn't hide the fact that 'The Paddingtons' are style over substance. Maybe this works for 14 year old girls, who wanna date one of the 'cute guy that are way cooler than any of the boys in their year' and have never heard any music older than 4 years, or for 16-20 year old guys that are having their Rock'n'Roll moment.

For anyone above that age group it would be adviseable to let this record go pass ignored. It just feels a bit like trying on worn-out clothes from your parents that don't quite fit anymore".

Assina antonhart.

Mas isto pode ser do meu ouvido, que é 1 pouco mouco.

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